HEATHROW PLANE SPOTTING Air India 777-200LR SPECIAL! Flight Arrivals Landing Departures

This flight documentary/Plane Spotting, Arrivals, Landing and Departures footage is a MUST WATCH!
One of the best looking schemes to dress a Boeing 777 ever!

It seems Air India regretted taking these 777-200LR's from day 1, the problem was that the 777 had too much capacity for the demand that turned out, the airline management then claimed, in an attempt to justify quickly offloading the aircraft, that they were fuel guzzlers and therefore too costly to operate.
Eventually Air India found a buyer for these planes, the Arab rich Etihad Airways.
Air India would have been better off leasing some 767-300's until the arrival of the 787's, but then we would never have seen the beautiful sights you are going to see in this video! - So sit back, relax and enjoy some of the best Air India 777-200LR footage ever filmed.
VT-ALA 0:14
VT-ALB 3:25
VT-ALD 5:59
VT-ALF 10:01

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