Callsign LAUSA 601 is the daily mainstay virtual evening service between London Heathrow and San Francisco. It is the airlines most profitable long haul route and is operated by both the Boeing 747-400 and the Airbus 340-600 series. This flight is real time real weather (Active Sky Evolution) and begins on handover from ground to tower holding at the C1 holding point for 09R.

Brief Virtual Airline Description:
London Aviators USA is a fictional virtual airline that is based in San Francisco and London Heathrow. The airline operates a variety of Beechcraft, Bombardier, Boeing and Airbus aircraft such as the A321, A346, B772, B738/9 B744 AND MD-11 on domestic and international flights from San Francisco and London Heathrow.

CEO: Randy Sciacca
Head Office: San Francisco
Stock Price: $5541.27
Starting Price: $5500
Stock Yield: 0.75%

As of 23/01/11
Cash: $139,262,699.76
Scheduled Flights: 2700
Assets: $5,401,426,822.28
Flights Flown: 391
Total Hours Flown: 1,780.7 HRS
Passengers Carried: 86,564 PAX
Average Annual Pilot Salary: $209,028.57
Total Passenger Hours Flown: 154,143,624
Total Flight Revenue: $72,046,767.08 (99.9%)
Average Revenue per Flight: $184,262.83
Average Flight Time: 4.6 HRS
Average Ticket Price: $832.30
Average Hourly Revenue: $40,459.80
Fleet Size: 35
Total Operating Revenue: $72,089,919.99
Operating Costs: $-25,862,576.00 (35.9%)
Total Operating Profit: $46,184,191.08


City Pair ICAO Flights Flown PAX Carried Total Revenues

San Francisco – Los Angeles KSFO – KLAX 22 4547 $504366.37
London, UK – San Francisco EGLL – KSFO 11 4321 $8514751.21
London, UK – Tokyo EGLL – RJAA 10 3646 $4484915.92
Tokyo – London, UK RJAA – EGLL 9 3318 $5039516.34
San Francisco – London, UK KSFO – EGLL 10 3308 $5403077.59
San Francisco – Seattle KSFO – KSEA 16 2860 $757976.93
Las Vegas – San Francisco KLAS – KSFO 14 2160 $288196.24
San Francisco – Atlanta KSFO – KATL 10 1954 $1411060.36
Seattle – San Francisco KSEA – KSFO 12 1426 $423190.03
San Francisco – Frankfurt KSFO – EDDF 2 1392 $1452184.26


Join LAUSA AIR : : http://www.simmiles.com/airline/exter…

VATSIM UK and the Heathrow RTS proudly present the biggest event to kick start the New Year, the Heathrow Overload 2011.

On Sunday January 23rd 2011 from 1600z-2200z during this cold winter month, grab a tea, coffee or hot chocolate and prepare for 6 hours of the biggest rush you will ever experience!
Two runways, five terminals and a constant stream of inbound and outbound traffic – it’s so hot, you might have to forget the hot drink.
During the event hours, our aim is to run London Heathrow Airport at its capacity. All real procedures will be in use to offer you a real-life feeling in our virtual world.
Be amazed as you are vectored for an ILS approach and you can see three, maybe four aircraft in front of you on the same glidepath! If you have to hold, which is going to be likely, be prepared to see your TCAS display light up showing other aircraft in the same stack, above or beneath you!

We offer you …

– A professional controller team with a fully staffed airport, from delivery up to approach
– An overcrowded airspace where you can see other aircraft out the window and on TCAS
– Real life, minimum spacing that puts the airport into maximum utilization
– Area/Center Control provided throughout to give you an amazing experience


Air Charter
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