Helicopter Simulation

Helicopter Flight Simulation games are the best played on the internet. Many of them are based on the real world and developed in such a manner that they look realistic and have the feel as if it is a real aircraft they are flying.

There are thousands of games to choose from like the Nintendo, Pilot Wings, PlayStations, and Sky Odyssey.

But, due to the limited nature of the game consoles, ability to properly simulate environments and processing limitations, the game console based flight simulators tend to be simple and very easy to use.

Helicopter simulation games are not just used for the entertainment, but also for professional purposes as well. As they are safe and easy to handle, many new pilots play it just to get the feel of handling the aircraft. Also many experienced pilots use it to check the routes and the airports before starting their actual flight.

In order to find the simulation game that fits your needs you should consider; skill, entertainment value, and control options. The better simulation games strive for realism and can serve as good training tool for remote controlled helicopters.

I enjoy the experience of mastering the flight controls, such as using the collective to maintain vertical position, and the cyclic which controls the left - right, and forward - aft direction. Using a game that provides full control from the flight operation to the type of aircraft and allows for control of environmental conditions, such as time of day and weather brings realism and challenges your skill.

Source by Scott Abel

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