Here Are Just A Few Suggestions For Reduced ‘Airfares’

Like everyone else, the internet has put pricing for flights at our fingertips. There are numerous providers that let you search, sort, compare and prioritize, even name your own price to find 'matching' deals and best pricing. Seat sales are not the only sources of great fares. Here are a few online suggestions:

Explore offerings online, comparison shop and booking with discount airlines are all smart strategies. Flexibility on your part regarding dates and times will translate into more substantial savings.

Enrolling in an air miles, reward or frequent flyer plan that often includes discounts on hotels and car rentals can be used at this time to optimize your savings even more.

Even for last-minute holiday travel, avoid so-called 'peak' periods during the day for example, business hours etc., (pick red-eye or weekends if available) For holidays, spring break, and peak business hour time's makes for more travelers en route and supply and demand will dictate pricing and cost. It is usually much higher. Take advantage of shoulder and low season travel periods.

A little known fact is that some of the best airfare rates often involve a Saturday night stay.

Dealing with the carrier directly, logging on to the airline's website and checking out unadvertised flight specials are also great ideas. Booking on-line usually saves a few dollars too.

Use a park-and-fly service and park your own vehicle at the airport. Driving your car there and back is much cheaper than a taxi if you live far from the airport. There are also airport bus services or shuttles that are cheaper than taxis.

Source by Chairil M Harahap

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