Hey Grandad Can you use cheap motors and cheap RC for a plane More Flights #2

I often get requests to make planes powered by the cheap motors I get from vibrating toothbrushes and similar cheap electrical equipment. I am also asked if the RC equipment from cheap RC toy cars is any good for planes. The answer I give for both questions is usually that the motors are not powerful enough and the RC equipment does not have a good enough range. I thought I had better try to build one to see if I am right.

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To cover off some of the comments received so far.......
Yes I could use a larger motor, or gearing to turn a larger prop.
Yes I could use larger batteries and more power.
BUT, the purpose of this project is to try to use the cheap motors I get from vibrating toothbrushes and similar electrical equipment from the bargain stores and to use the RC equipment from a cheap RC toy car, so any variation would not be part of the original project. Even using proper propellers would be a variation from sourcing the parts from the cheap toys.
I have already strayed a little by using a LiPo battery.
The RC equipment is only used for turning the motor on and off, it is not being used to control the plane in any other way, so no rudder or elevator control. It should technically be possible to use the 'second channel' to do rudder control like the very first radio control planes had in the early days of RC but I will be concentrating on seeing if we can get the plane flying under it's own power first.
The power to the motor goes through the receiver, so adding extra voltage would burn out the receiver first as it is only expecting 4.5 volts. I could set the receiver to operate a relay that controls the power to the motor and then I could use more powerful batteries for the motor, but that is then making the setup more complicated than the original plan. I may do something like that eventually just to see it fly properly.

Main components
Electric motor from a vibrating toothbrush
RC equipment from a cheap RC car
Scrap styrofoam packaging

Main Tools
Hot Glue Gun
Hot wire cutter
Sharp knife

Filmed using FujiFilm FinePix S4800
Edited using Serif MoviePlus Starter Edition

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