Hong Kong Airlines HX774 : Flying from Bangkok to Hong Kong

To Asia's world city on the flagship of Hong Kong Airlines, a very good airline to fly with. Based on this flight, I'd rate Hong Kong Airlines as one of the best I've flown!

Flight time today was a quick 2 hrs and 45 min, on this Hong Kong Airlines flight, with actual flying being 5 min more than the scheduled one. Scheduled departure time was 02:15 am , early morning, with scheduled arrival being 06:00 am in Hong Kong, just as dawn breaks. An early departure and arrival was much appreciated for this flight. My seat on this flight was, as always, a window seat, 36A, on the left side and just behind the wing of this airplane.

The plane, was the flagship of Hong Kong Airlines, the mighty Airbus A330-300. The aircraft was registered as B-LNM.

I have to say, Hong Kong Airlines have really impressed me a lot. My expectations of this airline had been shallow to say the least. But, this flight has totally obliterated that and I'm pleased to say that I enjoyed it a lot. The seat was the epitome of comfort and the legroom was absolutely massive, perhaps the best seat I have ever had the pleasure of resting my bottom on. The IFE was very good and the touchscreen was great! It was easy to navigate the system, though the library isn't as big as some of other big names like SQ or EK. Perfectly fine for a two hour flight though. The meal was good, though not great. A slight improvement in quality would be nice. The crew, in contrast, were quite the disappointment, not even breaking a single smile in the whole flight. They weren't sloppy or even the slightest bit rude in their service, but a friendly touch would have been great. The timing of the flight, I'm sure, has at least a slight contribution to their attitude.

Seat 9.5
IFE 9.0
Meal 8.5
Crew 7.5

Experience rating : 8.6/10

If you'd like to read more about this flight and my awesome experience in Hong Kong, please don't hesitate to head over here to read the full TR!


Thinking of flying the A333 of Hong Kong Airlines any time soon? Stop thinking and get flying! Hopefully you'll get a better set of crew than I did!

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