Hot Air Ballooning: 5 Essential Items You Should Take

The first time I went on a hot air ballooning trip I realized that I had forgotten a few very important things. I decided that people need to know what they should bring on balloon flights. Hopefully this list will keep people happy on their adventure. The flight will be great no matter what, but if you remember these things it will be even better.

1. A camera. You are going to want to take pictures. Before I went I thought that it would be pointless to bring a camera because we would be too far from everything. I was wrong. There were tons of cool sites that I wanted to take pictures of. Plus, you will want pictures of yourself to prove that you went on the trip. Your memories are only so good, so bring a way to keep the memories alive.

2. Binoculars. You are going to be way up in the air. The only way you will be able to see anything is with a pair of binoculars. Plus, if you are going hot air ballooning with other balloon flights then you will want to look at the other people flying near to you. If you forget your binoculars then you have to rely on your own eyesight to enjoy the trip. It will still be fun, but you will definitely miss out on some things.

3. A parachute. You never know what's going to happen when you are dangling in a basket a thousand stories above planet earth. Just in case anything goes wrong, you'll want to be able to parachute to safety. The only problem with this item is that if something does go wrong you will probably feel really guilty about just saving yourself. Still, it will make you feel a lot safer if you have one.

4. A jacket. Some people think that the flame will keep them hot. Well, it will keep you warm some of the time, but if you are hot air ballooning over somewhere like Alaska, then you are going to get cold without a jacket. Remember, the air gets colder when you get higher. So even if it is warm on the ground, it might be cold when you get up in the air. So bring a heavy jacket, a light jacket, and then you can decide what you want to wear when you get up there.

5. Your medication. If you take medicine, you should remember to take it with you. Once you get up into the air it's impossible to come down very quickly without jumping. You have to wait for the balloon to run out of hot air. So, if you forget your medication you will be out of luck. So bring whatever you need with you. You might also want to bring some food to keep your stomach from getting sick.

Hot air ballooning is a lot of fun. Still, balloon flights can be even better if you bring the right things with you.

Source by Harold Gorton

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