How Charter Jet Travel Compares to Commercial Airline Travel

As flying commercial becomes more and more of a hassle with long lines, added baggage charges and reduced flying schedules, many businesses are turning to charter jet travel for their flying needs. But does chartering a private jet really make sense? The truth is, there is not a direct answer to that question. It depends on your travel situation and budget. Here are a few things to consider when booking your next flight to determine whether or not a private jet is for you:

Is Your Schedule Flexible?

Commercial jets take off at a specific time each day. With recent reductions in flights, these times can sometimes be at inconvenient times for the business traveler. Larger cities, however, like New York or Dallas often see plenty of flights coming in and out. Business travelers flying commercial also are faced with the same delays as regular passengers like checking bags, going through security and potential layovers.

Private charter flights do not have baggage checking or long security lines on the other hand. There are also no layovers and flights are scheduled based on your travel needs -- so they can take off no matter what the time of day.

What Comforts And Space Needs Are Necessary?

A private jet often affords fliers certain comforts that commercial flights simply cannot offer. There are tables and sitting areas that can be used for lounging or conducting business meetings. The interior cabins are usually very plush and comfortable -- perfect for impressing investors or clients in a business setting.

Movement in a commercial airliner is restricted. Passengers are often asked to remain in their seats, although seats in first and business class typically have a comfortable amount of elbow room. There is really no potential for actually conducting meetings in-flight, however.

How Much Can You Afford?

It is no surprise that private jet service costs more per ticket than traditional commercial flights. A charter jet can make economic sense when flying a large group of employees to the same destination or traveling with a lot of equipment and cargo. Otherwise you are definitely paying more for the luxury and convenience of flying privately.

Commercial airliners are the most affordable way to fly employees. It is especially economical when flying only a few employees at a time without a lot of baggage. If the schedule works for your plans and your business is on a tight budget, then commercial is definitely the way to go!

Keeping this information in mind will help you choose the best air charter in Chicago or commercial flight from Atlanta for your business needs so your trips are productive, economical, and profitable.

Source by Chris A. Harmen

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