How To Airbnb + Discount / travel credit code February 2016

This is my quick review about airbnb. I will also provide an airbnb coupon code for first time users to get $25 or €20 off their first booking using airbnb. You have to sign up with the link below for the airbnb promo discount code to work.


I have been on the road the past 5 years living abroad and traveling to many destinations. Many times, I’m usually the go-to-guy from family and friends on where to find cheap accommodations, cheap flights, etc.

I always recommend airbnb simply because its low risk, the security, (multi-step verification process for both the hosts and guests) and because you can always read reviews of the hosts!

If its your first time using airbnb your in luck! I have a link for a $25 Airbnb coupon code just to try out the services. You get the code applied instantly, simply for signing up using my link and it will automatically give you an airbnb coupon code for $25 or €20 off $75!

The main reason why I use airbnb is because I like to experience living like a local. I like to shop where locals usually shop, I like to eat at the local restaurants, and I also like to get to have conversations with the locals. Many times you can get many invaluable information that is not found in your lonelyplanet or tour guide. Who else knows more about their city then the locals currently living there right!?

Try out airbnb yourself, and don’t forget to sign up using the link to get $25 or €20 off $75 airbnb coupon code on your first booking!


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