How to book cheap airline tickets, discount flights, cheap airfare, discounted plane tickets

How to book cheap airline tickets, discount flights, cheap airfare, discounted plane tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals

" Airlines' booking statistics that they've been tight-lipped about for decades What's not on your ticket that airlines will never tell you How to knock $100 right off of your next ticket! How to manipulate airline companies' ticket pricing computer systems to give you thousands of discounts on your ticket! I've had a customer getting a $1143 ticket for $143 by exploiting loopholes in their computer systems.

How to make one simple phone call to an agent and in return receive a pile of discounts on your ticket How most buyers waste their time searching for cheap tickets at the wrong places and how you can avoid it Methods on how airlines determine discounts.

I'll tell you why the airlines refuse to display these flight options, and best of all, a shocking secret how you can make those flight options appear and book yourself an amazing airfare bargain! Get this: airlines would even PAY YOU to travel if you know what to say to them The myths of the airline industry and I will debunk them all How to get a last minute flight and still save huge! The secret about first-class airfare that airlines would never admit! How to find out what ticket offers Priceline recently accepted, and how to spoil yourself silly using that advantage! Travel programs that offer a boatload of discounts on your flight Agents from major airline companies receive heaps of special discounts and benefits whenever they travel.

Airlines tried to sue me for damages when I revealed this information to the public! A secret website that will provide mountains of savings on your airfare that you never knew about! How to get airlines to provide you with free coupons to free food, cab fares, hotels, and more! Places around the world in every country and city where you can stay in for free during your travel! They're probably trashy places nobody would ever want to live in, right? Totally wrong! These places are even better than any hotel, and of course the best part: they're completely free! My amazing secrets on how to get FREE first class upgrades! How to outsmart and exploit an unknown flaw in Priceline's website to unlimitedly rebid for your airfare bargain!

An international traveling danger that we forget most often of all - and how to protect yourself from this foolish risk before it happens! How to bypass the maximum allotted period for flight reservations that airlines impose on you How to turbo-charge the baggage check-out process! A hard-to-believe truth about air & hotel combo packages that might have you shake your head in total disgust! The old adage is true: time is money.

How to completely eliminate the hours of waiting during your connecting flights! How to save a ton of money on airport parking! Hidden charges that airline companies stab you with and how to eliminate them.

Are you traveling with your family? I'll tell you the best place to buy your tickets for dirt cheap pricings How to access the cheapest flight deals from hundreds of major airline companies in a flash! How to get access to the biggest travel bargain deals of the week Our agents used a top secret fare searching utility to search for flights.

The savings you'll enjoy from utilizing this airfare search utility will have you kicking yourself for not doing it sooner! How to book your own flights and save huge! The true secrets on travel insurance that no currently employed travel agent would ever have the courage to tell you! Are you between the age of 18-22? Here's how to fly for dirt cheap! How to receive free admissions to various attractions around the world when you travel, such as Universal Studios, theme parks, restaurants, etc.

The startling truth about those duty-free shops at the airports How to access courtesy upgrades and discounts while traveling My full tipping guide that covers all aspects of tipping during your travel The federal government has set a certain limit on how much airlines can be held liable for a lost or damaged baggage.


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