How to find cheap flights

Would you like to fly cheap to your destinations?
Find out the secrets to cheap flights, perhaps knowing how to get cheap airline tickets, could be helpful for your next holiday, here are some tips that have helped many get the cheapest airline tickets. Some people use specialized travel agents, did you know there are certain questions you should ask the travel agent, in order to get cheap tickets for your fare?

You can volunteer to give up your seat. Did you know that many airlines to overbook their flights, particularly in busy summer months. This is because a certain percentage of passengers do not turn up. So for airlines to maximize their profits, they sell more tickets than plane seats.

When this happens, check in attendants ask for any volunteers to forfeit their seats for some kind of compensation. If your not in a hurry, take advantage of this offer. The airlines offer a travel voucher otherwise known as an MCO (a miscellaneous charges order) in exchange for your inconvenience. Be aware of certain pitfalls and ask some
questions about the offer.

Such as:
Is the Voucher transferable to other members of your family?
Is the voucher can be used on partner airlines.

Ask when the next confirmed seat is available.
Also ask if other amenities will be paid for whilst you wait.
Will you get compensation for food and a hotel room?
Negotiate the amount of compensation.

Compensation can vary from airline to airline. Generally speaking, if you are delayed between one and two hours you will be entitled to $200 in compensation. If delayed from between two and four hours, compensation can be as much as double that amount.

To be eligible for compensation you must have a confirmed reservation on the flight you are being moved from.

Cheap tickets for flights, can also be found by using charter flights, becoming an Air Courier (see free give away offer on the ElizaPublishing youtube channel) learn about how to find cheap airline tickets from this amazing ebook.


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