How To Find CRAZY CHEAP Flights

How To Find CRAZY CHEAP Flights // Episode 60
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There are a few rules you can follow which will save you loads of money on flights.
Before you start looking:
1. Know when to buy your ticket - different times of and day and different days can change the price of a ticket.
2. Know when to travel - some months and dates are more expensive than others. The best way is to be flexible.
Searching for your flight:
1. Use fare comparison sites - for example or
2. Use incognito mode on your browser - some fare comparison sites use cookies to change the price depending on your recent searches.
3. Check in on the budget airlines - some budget airlines aren't included on the fare comparison sites
4. Check the price directly - some airlines have promotional offers which aren't included on fare comparison sites
5. Know the transport hubs - Most long haul flights will have a stopover somewhere. Once you see which hubs have flights to your destination, you can basically break the flight down one leg at a time and search those legs on their own. Often this is much cheaper.
6. Use Point-of-Sale to your advantage - Not only does it matter when you buy, but it also matters where you buy — as in, where you appear to be when you purchase your ticket.You can use Google ITA to make you look like you are in the country where the flight originates, this will usually make the flight cheaper.
Be flexible:
1. Where to go - Flight predictors like Momondo ( can look at your dates and interests and let you know the cheapest places to visit. If your trip isn’t destination-specific, this is a good place to start.
2. Where and when to go - Adioso ( is endlessly fun to experiment with because you can broaden the parameters as wide as “travel anywhere in the world, any time” and get all sorts of ultra-cheap options.
3. If you don’t need baggage - For now, Skiplagged ( allows you to buy “hidden city” flights that go past your final destination, allowing you to walk away during a layover and potentially saving you hundreds.
4. Open Jaw tickets - If you’re traveling abroad and on the move, it makes sense to fly in and out of different airports, particularly if traveling over land is part of the fun of your trip. It will also save you heaps.
5. BE FLEXIBLE - The algorithms that spit out fares aren’t always perfect — sometimes the system produces errors that the airlines will (historically) honor. The result is shockingly cheap flights (NYC to Johannesburg for $291 roundtrip, etc.). Secret Flying ( has a daily newsletter with error fares that usually expire within 24 hours — follow them on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss anything (
You can find a full guide with more information about this on Uproxx -…/2015/06/how-to-find-best-flight-deals/4/
Hope this helps some of you. Take care and happy travels!


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