How to Find Reasonably Priced Student Discount Airline Tickets

Unlike before, student discount airline tickets are now readily available and there are plenty of options to choose from. One avenue where you can find student discounts and deals is the internet. There are a lot of companies that have great service online. You can also join in some forums and ask people about their experiences or if they can recommend a reliable company that offers great bargains, tour packages and services like travel insurance.

Have you ever heard about an ISIC Card? The International Student Identity Card provides airfare discounts for students and accredited universities. You can also avail of discounts for rail tickets, bus fare, hotels and museums. At Statravel, a discount card costs $22. You will be required to submit a photocopy of your student ID and a passport photo.

Aside from discount cards, another way for you to get reasonably priced student discount airline tickets is by being flexible. What do we mean by that? Travel on weekdays instead of weekends. You can also opt for red-eye flights to save you some extra bucks. Traveling off-season and being a stand by passenger will also cut down the cost considerably. Also, consider flying into smaller and less crowded airport. Plane tickets to smaller airports can be cheaper. The only problem with this is your transportation that's why you have to make a research about getting around the city or town and if transportation would be a hassle should you decide to fly into a smaller airport.

Booking early is also a great way to save money when buying student discount airline tickets. If you purchase your ticket late or really close to the departure date, you will end up paying $50 to $100 or even more for the same ticket that you should have bought few months ago. If you already have the money now then there's no reason for you to stall. For example, you want to go on a vacation for spring break, you can book your flight in the winter while there is nobody else thinking about spring break yet.

Lastly, some airline companies or travel agencies bundle student discount airline tickets with accommodation, transportation and museum tickets. Take advantage of this so you can save on your travel expenses. Just keep searching until you find the best deal. You have to be very careful though and make sure you read every detail. It would also help if you can ask friends or relatives if they know reliable companies.

Source by Caiden Fischer

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