How to Find Very Cheap Airline Tickets

I remember the first time I flew from London to Sydney Australia. It was summer of 2004 and my first holiday down under. It was a very long flight, about eighteen hours or so, but the excitement of experiencing the great Australian outback made possible the very cheap airline tickets that I had researched and purchased helped to keep my spirits up. Not to say the least, Australia lived up to the hype of a great holiday destination.

The people are wonderful, the food is great and the countryside or outback as they like to call it down under is stunning. I would definitely visit again.

Even if you are an internet millionaire or a hedge fund whiz kid with bonuses oozing out of your pockets, when an opportunity arises to obtain cheap air fares or discount air tickets, you will jump at it.

The general rule of thumb is to plan your travel or holiday well ahead of time, usually about a month in advance of your flight. Next is to make a booking by insisting on only paying what is referred to in the trade as "a holding deposit" and this could be as little as ten percent of the quoted discount air tickets or less. You must resist any pressure to make you pay the full amount which they usually do in order to guarantee their commissions.

Ticket consolidators are like Travel Agents. Airline operators usually assign a certain percentage of seats at heavily discounted prices to them just to keep them in business and for the Airline to stay competitive. They are therefore in a position to pass on these massive savings to members of the public by offering very cheap airline tickets. Now, they do not have big advertising budgets compared to the Airlines, which means they can then pass on any savings directly to you the customer.

Finally, there are all sorts of flight loopholes that can get you dirt cheap airline tickets, but you can only get this information and tips from individuals who have had the privilege of working in the airline industry and have broken ranks to expose to all.

Source by Charles Crocozy

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