How to fly bloody cheap to Da Nang – 296$/266€ from Europe

High flight ticket prices are the No 1 reason why people hesitate to fly to distant destinations. If you know how to book the cheapest flight, you might quickly change your opinion about flying and about your next travel plans.

The best search engine for cheap flights is Google Flights on
Here you can find all prices for in advance. And compared with (my second choice) Google Flights is always updated instantly, whereas Skyscanner will often show you old prices in the monthly overview.

Also consider to fly to Bangkok first. Flight to and from Bangkok are usually far cheaper than directly to the final destination. In the video I show you an example where I save 55% just because I fly to Bangkok first.

And finally don’t forget to check if Vietnam Airlines offers special deals.

It is possible to fly to Da Nang for less than 300$ from Europe!

Direct Flights from Bangkok to Da Nang
Vietnam Airlines:
Bangkok Airways:

Visa policy of Thailand

Visa policy of Vietnam

Everything about frequent flyer miles


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