How to Get Airlines Tickets Cheap

We have all been there at some stage. Desperately needing to book a flight somewhere and realizing that the quoted costs are simply astronomical. I know that when I've needed to catch a last minute flight that it has nearly cost me a small fortune and I have simply had enough.The truth is that there are a bunch of secrets to getting cheap air fares and the average air traveler is simply not aware of them.

Through my frustration one day, I decided to conduct some research and to interview some industry insiders. So off I went to talk to some travel agents and airline customer service representatives. Of course, no-one would really tell me anything except that they use some of these methods to travel themselves. So the industry had basically slammed the door on me and refused me the secrets to getting airlines tickets cheap. That was until I met a fired travel agent.

That's right, he was fired by the airlines and now he is educating the flying public on gaining access to cheap air fares. The discussion with him was illuminating to say the least and I came away from that meeting with a bunch of strategies and tactics to employ. Ever heard of a buddy pass? I have and now its one of my chief tactics on obtaining cheap airline tickets. In fact, I've started travelling more than ever and have even been standby on many international flights.

So obviously the airlines hate this guy with a passion and have attempted on numerous occasions to shut him down but luckily he just continues to educate the flying public. That is why, if you are considering undertaking any sort of domestic or international travel that you do some digging online and find out about Zed fares and buddy passes as they could potentially save you thousands in travel costs.

3 Quick Tips To Obtain Cheap Airline Tickets

1. Check auction websites for Zed Fares or Buddy Passes

2. If you are a student or in the military, check to see if the airline offers a discount of the published fare

3. Ask your travel agent for "non preferred" product

Source by James Rowland

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