How To Get Cheap Flights.

How To Get Cheap Flights.

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How to Get Cheap Flights.►►

Airline ticket prices vary considerably day to day, from airline to airline. Ticket prices sometimes vary so much that some people claim no two seats on the flight cost the same amount unless they are purchased together. Rather than leaving the price of your tickets up to chance and poor planning, use these strategic tips to get the upper hand on your flight purchase. With a few helpful tidbits, you could save hundreds or thousands on your travel around the world.

Compare prices online using accurate and fair search engines.
Finding the cheapest flights requires a rigorous search involving multiple search engines and airlines. However, many airfare search engines are actually owned or operated by major airlines, meaning unbiased searches are off the menu. Rather than sticking to search engines you see advertised on television, look for search engines that hunt down the cheapest fares among large airlines and small ones alike.
Try out This website was developed by MIT in the 90’s and works by searching other airfare search engines. Flight inception? Maybe. But definitely one of the best means of finding cheap flights.
Use This neat website searches all airlines, big and small, and allows you to look for the cheapest rates out of your local, rather than getting bogged down with specifics. Meaning, if you know you want to go on vacation but aren’t too picky about where, this website will provide the cheapest flights to everywhere in the world from the nearest airports to you. is a great option for searching airlines for cheap international flights. Rather than getting stuck paying high prices for large international carriers, this site will provide even the smallest international carriers in its search options.

Search flights from nearby airports.
This is a very simple and effective trick to find cheap flights. Sometimes flights from local airport to your destination can be quite expensive while, on the contrary, flights from nearby airports can be really cheap. For example, international flights from Seattle are quite cheap when compared to international flights from Vancouver and the distance between the two cities is only 234 km (about a two and half hour drive). So driving or taking a bus to the nearby airport is sometimes a good way to get to your destination cheaply.

Visit individual airlines’ websites.
Although airfare search engines are great, what they don’t tell you is that some airlines reserve their best deals for people who visit their sites specifically. Search for a list of large and local carriers in your area, and then search each of their sites specifically for the best deals. When coupons, discounts, or sales are offered, they will typically only be advertised on each specific carrier’s site and will run for only 1-3 days.

Get travel alerts.
Spamming your email or message inbox on your phone doesn’t seem like the most organized way to get a deal, but travel alerts often offer amazing prices you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. If your favorite airlines or airfare search engine offers travel alerts sent to your phone or email, sign yourself up! You won’t regret the few seconds it takes to delete those extra unwanted messages when you get the ones worth several hundred dollars worth of savings. is a website run by people (not a computer) who search for the best deals and send them to your email. You can add specific search criteria via their site as well, allowing only deals pertaining to certain locations or times to be sent to your inbox. is run by travel agents who individually search and hand-pick the best deals to be sent to you. This service requires a 29$ startup fee, but the site claims it will be fully refunded if you aren’t pleased with your results.

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