How To Get Cheap Flights

We are now currently in Florence, Italy. I decided to make a “How To Get Cheap Flights” video instead since my travel vlogs are taking a lot longer to edit than expected. Excuse my brother in the background. 😉 And I apologize for not looking at the camera, I was too focused on the viewfinder.

Learn more about the 9 Tips I put together on how to get cheap flight fares.
1.) Deals, Discounts and Bundles
2.) Frequent Fliers Program
3.) Best Time To Book
4.) Be Flexible
5.) Extended Stop Overs
6.) Connect it VS Direct
7.) Cheap Days to Fly
8.) When To Book A Flight
9.) Hidden Charges

My “perfectionist” self decided to write a script and now ended up with a video that looks so scripted/fake. Oh well, at least I got to practice my hosting skills (that I technically don’t have).

PS. Yes, I have a problem with stuttering and my “S” if you haven’t noticed it just yet.

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