How To Get Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets And Travel Happy

If you need some advice about where to get cheap airline tickets, then you may find these words useful. Dirt cheap tickets can be purchased in different ways, sometimes by opposite tactics that are both effective.

But let's get one thing clear now: if your goal when you fly with some company is to get all the luxuries they can give, like liquors, the latest movies, newspapers and so on, then you can forget about cheap airline tickets, because companies that give you a small price usually give you also small (sometimes very small) comfort. So you must be sure that you want to trade something to spare some money.

Having this point clear in mind we can then surf the web to find our cheap tickets. A winning tactic is to plan your trip with at least 6 months advance: if you want to go to the OktoberFest in Munich, that of course takes place in, you guess... October, then you must book your ticket in April and doing so you can be sure to have spent way less that the one who decides to go to that colossal beer party much later, let's say late September.

If you are not the kind that likes to carefully organize his life then you're not lost, if you are the kind of person that takes life as it comes, then a last minute trip is for you... and you too have the chance to spare some (or a lot) of money, just keep in mind that your destination will be chosen by fate, not by you. A dirt cheap airline ticket in fact can be obtained when the airline company failed to fill the airplane for that flight so they would prefer to give away some tickets for very little money than fly with some empty seats.

Anyway, if you choose in advance your destination, or if you fly randomly, be sure to check on the web the best prices for any kind of trip you want to make. Special discounts and bargains happen every day, even with big names and not only with low cost companies, so check often and when you find a price you like, choose that destination even if it was not your first choice. Sometimes a good save of money can compare a destination that was not in your mind in the beginning.

So a brief reminder: Don't expect much luxuries when you fly with low cost companies, buy your tickets with good advance or at the very last minute, try to choose small companies instead of the big names and surf the web with just one thing in mind: dirt cheap airline tickets.

Source by Giuseppe Angelini