How To Get Discount Airline Tickets…Airfare Secrets.

"It's so easy for me to fly for less, it's like taking candy from a helpless baby! I spend almost next to nothing on all my travels, and my jaw drops every time as I watch what others just like you are paying for your tickets. At last, the shocking truth will be revealed in my explosive guide on how to travel for less - the same guide that my ex-boss is having nightmares about every day!"

Here's just a tiny sneak-peek preview of the kind of beyond-belief information you can expect to discover in my guide:
Airlines' booking statistics that they've been tight-lipped about for decades
What's not on your ticket that airlines will never tell you
How to knock $100 right off of your next ticket!
How to manipulate airline companies' ticket pricing computer systems to give you thousands of discounts on your ticket! I've had a customer getting a $1143 ticket for $143 by exploiting loopholes in their computer systems. That was something my boss Paul still has nightmares about, and believe me he will have many more!
I'll expose every truth there is about buying tickets online. Be warned: this truth might literally scare you!
Amazing secret on how you can earn free vouchers for airfare tickets just from making a phone call and knowing what to say to the agent. When I was an airline agent, I've given away so many free vouchers from callers who knew the magic words. I'll reveal you exactly what these magic words are!
The secrets about the food airlines serve you during your flight that you'd never know!
Did you know that airline companies send out hundreds of discounted promotion deals every single day? I have all the confidential secrets on you can get access to them all!
Twelve dirty little tricks to knock off hundreds on your airfare ticket

My jaw-dropping secret on how you can earn free travel rewards without ever even flying at all. Oh God - My ex-boss Paul is going to kill me for this one! I know a way to beat the system and I will reveal it all to you!
How airline companies steal millions of dollars from consumers each year by taking advantage of customer unawareness and how to avoid falling into this evil trap
How to get FREE upgrades on car and hotel rentals
Do you travel internationally? I've got a nasty secret on how you can blow away 75% right off of your international flight!
I'll expose to you a secret alteration you can do with your name that can end up saving thousands!
The two rules of thumb that will always guarantee you the lowest airfare costs
My shocking secret on how YOU can use a little-known method to purchase all your travel equipments (such as luggage) at employee-level discounts and save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your traveling gears!
A secret method you can use to get free food during your flight!
A legal bait-and-switch method travel companies knowingly use to fool customers into overpaying for their tickets! Let me expose this silly trick to you before you get taken for thousands!
The BEST time to start planning your trip
How airlines could skyrocket airfare prices on certain days that an unwary traveler would never see coming, and how to sidestep away from this scary hike
How to pay less than everybody else even after you've stepped foot off of your flight!
The secret that no working travel agent ever wants anybody to know, EXPOSED! -- I'll reveal to you exactly how travel agents are paid, and how to use this newfound insider knowledge to bargain yourself an incredibly cheap flight on your next conversation with a travel agent!


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