How To Get Really Cheap Airfare With Travelling Insect + Discount Link! I’ve been threatened with legal action; I’ve been harassed with midnight phone calls; I’ve been begged and pleaded with; and when all else failed; they even tried filing damage charges against me for releasing confidential secrets to the public. I’ve even broken a career-long friendship with my boss in order to bring to you this mind-boggling guide. [To Paul if you are reading this: I’m sorry, but I did tell you that firing me was one big mistake you’ll later regret!]. They even tried to re-hire me earlier this year with an unheard-of 27% salary increase in a desperate attempt to make amends and stop me from letting loose of this wild information. “No thank you” were my last words before I hung up the phone. I’ve spilled my heart out for the big airline corporations for over 16 years. Now, let me have a chance to be on your side.

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