How to Make Cool Paper Airplanes that Fly Far and Straight – Very Easy – Video 14

Because when I was a kid I used to play with paper planes, I want to share with you the joy of creating origami airplanes. Also because in 80’s we didn’t have internet, I’ve been teached to make these origami paper planes by my parents, grandparents, friends etc.
My goal is to search for all models of paper planes and make a video of how to create each paper plane. I will also make a comparison, in the future, to see which one is the best paper plane in the world; which one will fly the farthest distance.
Also because the A4 paper is cheap, you can make cheap toys and cheap airplanes to play with.
This paper aircraft is verry difficult to create, but it flyes verry nice.
So finally we’ll have easy ways to build paper aircrafts.


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