How To Reduce The Cost Of Your Airfares

Airfares are getting more and more expensive these days with rising fuel costs and inflation driving price increases. Even so, it is still possible to travel economically and save yourself money on plane tickets, leaving more money free for the rest of your journey. In this article I am going to show you how to reduce the cost of your airfares by using some simple and effective insider tricks. Hopefully when you put my advice into practice you'll be able to save yourself a decent sum of money on your next holiday or work trip.

One of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of your airfares is to purchase last minute plane tickets. These are often tickets that have been canceled by the original ticket holder or are simply surplus tickets that the airline wishes to get rid of quickly. Finding these last minute deals can be quite difficult but with enough perseverance you should be able to find something that suits you. Search online ticket databases to find these often elusive tickets, or you can ring travel agents and even airlines themselves to see whether they have any cheap airfares. Usually the shorter the amount of time left before the flight leaves, the greater the discount you will receive. Get ready to travel before buying last minute tickets - make sure that your passport is up to date, that you have any pets booked into a boarding facility and that you can have time off work.

Another source of cut price plane tickets are "airfare wholesalers". Basically, they are companies that purchase a large number of tickets directly from airlines and then sell them to the general public. Because they buy in bulk they receive a discount, some of which is then passed on to the customer. Seats from these wholesale companies often sell very quickly so its advisable to check them regularly and be ready to purchase a ticket on impulse. To find wholesale ticket companies simply search "airfare wholesalers" into Google and see what comes up. Try to find reviews of any companies you wish to buy from as the quality of service varies from business to business.

Here's another great way to reduce the cost of your airfares - take into account seasons. Because travel is so heavily based on seasons (peak/high season being when most people travel and low season being when the least amount of people travel) you can save a large amount of money by exploiting them. High season tickets always cost more, whereas travel in the low season is far more affordable. It's just a simple matter of supply and demand really! The high season occurs almost always when it's summer in the destination you plan on traveling to whereas the low season is found in winter. Unless your holiday simply has to be in a particular season, by taking advantage of seasons you can easily reduce the cost of your airfares.

If you want proof that these techniques work then let me share a little story with you. Just last year I wished to book a trip to England to see relatives and visit some of the sights I'd always wanted to see. A return ticket in summer was going to cost me nearly $900. However, I waited until winter and booked a last minute flight from an online travel company that specialized in last minute ticket deals. The end cost? Just $350! Thats nearly one third of the price of a normal ticket which left me with $550 extra spending money. Of course that was a deal that amazed even me, the discount was just so huge, but there is always the potential for a big price reduction if you follow the correct steps. By putting a little bit of effort in, you too can reduce the cost of your airfares.

Source by Daniel P Jackson

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