How to Run a Charter Plane Business – The Step by Step Guidance

For many of us, beginning a business may become a challenge. Even if we already have deep understanding about the business and have something in mind about what are we going to do, starting a business still can be a difficult task to do. And what about establishing a charter plane business?

I believe that this business is a sophisticated business for many of us. Do not be worry though, as it is not as sophisticated as manufacturing an air craft. It becomes difficult since we are trying to compete with a service that lots of people are acquainted with and there are already top famous names out there which already run the same business much earlier than we do. However, I do believe that by knowing how to start and manage this business properly, there will be a greater chance for us to carry out this business successfully. And here, I have some guidance steps that will help you to start this business.

Step 1. One of the biggest monthly expenses when you are setting up a charter plane business is the pilot salary. So, instead of having your pilot fly your plane, get your own pilot license and fly your plane yourself. By doing this, you will get rid of the pilot salary from your monthly expense at the beginning and thus keep your monthly costs down.

Step 2. You need to collect all necessary information about how to set up a charter plane business. You need to find what licenses are required to start such a business. Moreover, you need to see the price your competitor is charging for chartering a plane, evaluate and examine that price to find your own price that suitable with your charter plane business and your target market or future customers.

Step 3. Purchase a plane. You are the head of your charter plane business and a good, well maintained plane is the backbone of your great business. You do not need to look for a brand new plane at the beginning. They are very expensive. You should pay more attention to what plane are you going to buy since your plane performance represents your business. Do not buy an old plane. Yes, they are cheap, but people are reluctant to hire an old plane mainly because of safety matters. You can find good second-hand plane at ebay. Or if you are ready with the budget buy the new one. It is expensive but you will not regret it. It will be your best investment. Besides, your customers will like it. If you have a limited budget, there are loans you can get for this expense. Apparently, you require a plane to fly to be able to establish this business. The contacts you get when you were learning to fly probably can provide you information of where to buy a plane.

Step 4. Surely, you cannot run a charter plane business alone. You need human resources. You may find friends or family looking for a part time job or a career change who are probably interested in working with you running this business. You can hire a years-of-experience accounting or secretary or promoting director or an IT but remember, at the beginning you just start your business and you possibly do not have consistent massive income for your business. Be careful in choosing people working in your business.

Step 5. Design your business plan, assess it and observe if it is possible to run a charter plane business. It is important for you to know how much you should charge to determine your income and how much expenses you will deal with. This way, you will know whether your new business is feasible business option or not.

Step 6. Advertise, promote, advertise, promote and advertise. Yes, it is important to advertise your new business and get as many as traffic as possible and convert the traffic into money. This is, however, definitely a challenging task. The contacts you get while taking the flying lesson may help you. Word of mouth, nowadays, is still the most powerful way to advertise. The trick here is to examine the weaknesses of your competitors, find what your competitors is not offering to the customers. This can be the basis for you to create your uniqueness and offer your best service to the market. Advertise your uniqueness and special service that people will get from you. Put the emphasis more on your uniqueness and your best service and it will likely drive more customers. Internet, radio and newspaper are other ways to publicize your new business.

Step 7. Keep offering the best service and you will soon have gems, the returning customers. In fact, lots of people would rather fly with a charter plane instead of commercial since commercial planes often cut their service. So, you see, it is not that difficult to win the competition. The key is not trying to beat your competitors. The key is to take care of your amazing business will be in the future, make it unique and equip it with the best service you can offer. Hopefully, you will be on your way to successfully establishing your charter plane business.

Source by Francisca Cahyaningsih

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