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Discover How to Travel on a Budget and Save Hundreds, If Not Thousands whilst you Travel the World

How to Travel on a Budget: 52 Money Saving Tips for the Budget Traveler is a no fuss cheap travel guide with 52 budget travel tips to help you travel the world

Inside How to Travel on a Budget

Aventuras De Viaje (long term budget traveler, travel writer and a key moderator of Survive Travel) breaks budget travel into 4 major cost areas and gives tips for traveling cheaper in each area.

The 4 Major Cost Areas for Traveling on a Budget

* 15+ tips on how to get cheap flights WITHOUT spending hours searching on the internet.
* The low down on trains, planes and automobiles, and which is better budget travel wise and when.
* Why buying the cheaper flight will sometimes end up costing you money.
* The best times to buy for the cheapest flights and why you shouldn’t wait around.

* 10 great budget travel tips for getting cheap or free accommodation.
* How buying a cheaper flight can also save you money on accommodation.
* Great ideas on how you can get a roof over your head for next to nothing while you travel the world.

* Eat the best foods at local prices or cheaper, the budget traveler way (don’t pay inflated prices at restaurants designed to attract "wealthy tourists").
* How you can get a dirt cheap meal anytime during your world travels
* Aventuras 5 top budget travel tips for choosing the cheapest places to eat - without getting sick!

* 11 tips on how to get the most of your sightseeing whilst staying within your travel budget.
* A simple budget travel tip shows how you can see the major attractions without paying retail price.
* How to see the things that most other budget travelers never will, and save money doing it.
* See the best sights at discounted prices or free, anywhere along your world travels.

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How to Travel on a Budget Also Includes

* How you can actually get paid for booking the cheapest flights, accommodation etc.
* Why travel insurance may not be worth it, and when it is a must have during your world travel adventures!
* Useful links guaranteed to help you save money while you travel the world on a budget.
... much, much more!

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***** Great information from a well-informed author! - Louise Roberts.
***** If you love to travel then this book is perfect for you. This book provides tips and strategies on travelling on a budget. It is provided that all these tips are proven and tested because the author also is a traveler. You will surely save money while enjoying your trip. A good book to read indeed! Highly recommended! - Linda Ploppa Reed.
***** Excellent tips. Vera.
***** This book is absolutely perfect for those who love to travel all the time. Bridgette. -
**** Travelling has always been my passion. This book has really good information on travel plans, booking tickets, accommodation and so on which helps you cut the price of your actual travel budget. Helped me a lot! - Avi.

Get your copy of How to Travel on a Budget TODAY and discover the money saving tips for every budget travel adventure!



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