Iberia Airbus A340-313 | Madrid to London Heathrow *Full Flight*

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Finally managed to get myself onboard the daily Iberia A340 flight between Madrid and London! I tried a few years back and missed it due to fog. No sign of fog this day, lovely clear skies warm day at both ends. Sat in row 5 on the Iberia A340 is the first row in economy, which was perfect seat for filming. Just in front of the engines. Must say I don't think much of Iberia's A340's on the inside though. No seat back TV's and no complimentary drinks or snacks like on their codeshare partner British Airways. Considering the aircraft is used on 12 hour flights to Latin America and there is no TV's I certainly wouldn't be choosing them for a longhaul flight. But for a 2 hour hop I could manage. Some incredible views all the way up to London of northern Spain and the French coast. Then over the Isle Of Wight and southern England then over Central London for our approach into RWY27R. Very smooth main gear touchdown but the nose gear came down with one hell of bump! A surprisingly busy flight couldn't see any empty seats. And a very long 45 second Take Off roll! Quite a turbulent climb to start with as well, made for some great action during the initial climb out.

Aircraft: Airbus A340-313
Reg.: EC-GLE
Seat: 5L
Engine Type: CFM56
Departure Time: 16:25 (On time)
Arrival Time: 17:50 (On-time)
Flight Duration: 2 hours 20mins (approx.)
Cruising Alt: 36,000ft, FL360
Departure Runway: RWY36L
Arrival Runway: RWY27R
Route: MAD-LHR

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