In approximity of 30 0.00 meters from Gateway HTL Agra city

Date, of publication: July 26, 2016
Time of publication: 08:40 PM, Dallas, TX.
Panasonic HDC-10 invested in this video technology at JP, 2009.
This video shot of a Hindu temple of a king has been taken at Agra city, just about 300 meters (calculate in yards if you had completed the majors ) from the Gateway hotel in the very spring
The Indian socialist republic is tolerant society towards any religious views based on the main Hindu religion.
If you are a Common American and want to introduce with the Hindu religion, you need VISA first.
VISA can be obtained from the Embassy or online.
Than you can book a return direct flight from US Capital with Air India airline - a single air carrier which promises to provide a direct connection between US Capital and Capital of India.
The one way journey takes about 14-15 hours by air.
After an arrival in Delhi airport and by passing immigration and taxation formalities you can reach any Hindu place.
In practice, an aircraft can bring you to the other airport.
For example, Karachi airport, which is not far from Agra also.
Because nobody, except the closest international associates, like passenger 57, guarantees the arrival neither in the final destination and / or in the exact time.
Such international civil aviation rules are in practice.
Those, which had a chance to fly to Delhi, or to Bombay, or to Karachi can be trustees for US passenger 57 or for the elder.
The Gateway hotel' personnel presents a 5 star service for the authorized guests only.
A common passenger can get the price of a return ticket or of one way ticket from an airline agent or from any airline cash desk.


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