INAUGURAL AirAsia India I51124 : Kochi to Bengaluru

Flying the Inaugural flight of AirAsia India’s Kochi to Bengaluru service. This was my first time flying an inaugural flight and I had a great experience on AirAsia India!

In this special video, watch me narrate and stuff.

AirAsia India started operations in June with it’s Goa and Chennai service. Later, a daily service between Kochi and Bengaluru was announced starting on 20th July, 2014.

Scheduled flying time for this route was an hour, with actual flying time being close to 50 min, gate to gate. Departure was at 10:20am and arrival at BLR being 11:20am. My seat for this flight was 20A, on the left side of the plane.

The aircraft for this flight was AirAsia India’s sole (as of the upload date) Airbus A320-200, VT-ATF, with sharklets.

This was a great and exciting flight and my first ever time flying an Inaugural flight. The seat was quite comfortable and even more so than the normal Malaysia AirAsia’s seat surprisingly. The crew were all smiles on this route and quite friendly as well. At 990 INR, this clocks in as the second cheapest ticket I’ve flown on, the other being Firefly at 950 INR, so the value for money was great!

Seat 8/10
Crew 9/10
Value for money 9.5/10

Overall Experience rating : 8.8/10

Based on this flight, I’d be more than enthusiastic to fly AirAsia India again.

Thanks for watching!

Music in the video is created and owned by me.

I have full rights to use it in this video.

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