Infinite Flight Tutorial Approach and Autopilot Landing

Please Look Through My Playlist: Infinite Flight For Beginners

Using the way points from the approach instructions for Runway 19R at John Wayne, Orange County Airport, I make an autopilot landing. At the actual airport this runway is designated 20R.

19R, waypoints are SAGER 3500 FT, SNAKE 3400 FT, BONKE 2800 FT, LEMON 2200 FT & DYERS 1040 FT. You can fly the waypoints on AP & then disengage and fly the final 1000 feet; it is a breeze to touchdown, even on autopilot.

Remember that the approach and landing are the final steps of the entire flight. To be successful you must follow all the previous steps. So, see my other videos.

Links to help you use Infinite Flight for a more realistic flight-

wikipedia - for airplane history and specifications - for airport departure/arrival procedures. You must download the PDF for the runway at the departure point and the runway at the arrival point. - for airplane takeoff/ascent/descent/approach/speed specifications, just search for your aircraft - to find routes within each region such as CLT-AGS.

As you find information and begin piecing it together you will find these resources invaluable in increasing your enjoyment of Infinite Flight.


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