Insane Plane Crashes

Here are some of the craziest plane crashes ever! You might rethink taking that flight after these terrifying airplane disasters.

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8. Belle Harbor, Queens Crash 2001

Only 3 minutes after taking off, parts of the plane just flew off and led to a huge disaster. The vertical stabilizer and the rudder came falling from the sky; making control of the plane impossible. It’s believed a combination of unstable parts and high amounts of turbulence caused this. Part of Queens, New York was set ablaze after taking a nosedive into residential area. A total of 260 casualties were caused from some mechanical errors.

7. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 1991

Another completely fatal crash happened in Saudi Arabia when the aircraft attempted to land at the airport. There was apparently a fire in the landing gear which caused complete failure in the hydraulics and electric system when one of the tires were underinflated. The wheel disintegrated igniting fires of accumulated flammables. 261 fatalities were reported including all the crew and passengers.

6. Antarctica November 28, 1979

Plane crashes can happen at anytime and anywhere; even Antarctica. Tourists who were hoping to see the most southern continent in the world all suffered a tragic end. This flight from New Zealand Air. Crashed into Antarctica’s second highest mountain, Mt Erebus.All 257 passengers and crew were killed, due to a navigational error. Pilots should have spotted this giant mountain but decided to follow the incorrect computer route.

5. Germanwings Flight 9525

One of the more recent tragedies that sparked a lot of fear into the French population was when Flight 9525 crashed into the French Alps 62 miles northwest of Nice. All 144 passengers were killed after air traffic control noticed a steady descent. It was the first ever crash in Germanwings history. The crash was believed to be purposely caused by the co-pilot who had been previously treated for mental health issues and suicidal contemplation. The co-pilot locked the pilot out of the cockpit, then crashed into a mountain. After the incident, several countries implemented new laws on providing mental health inspections before allowing someone to take control of a plane. Probably a good idea.

4. Ermenonville, France 1974

Turkish Airlines flight 981 was scheduled to fly from Istanbul to London with a layover in Paris. On March 3rd 1974, the flight crashed in a forest just outside of Paris, killing each person aboard. It remains to be the 4th deadliest crash of all time and the most fatal of any crash in France killing 335 people. The cargo door was not properly secured and flew off the plane causing an explosion. This wasn’t the first problem with the hatch that closes the door and the design of the plane was the probable cause. The plane flew into a nosedive and continued to gain speed. Very few large pieces of aircraft were left over in this horrific crash.

3. 1972 Andes Disaster

Uruguayan Air Flight 571 makes the list for the atrocities that occurred afterwards and not just the sheer carnage. This flight was carrying 45 people, including a rugby team and more than 25 of the passengers percent died in the crash. The ones who did survive had very few resources to live off. With starvation staring them directly in the face, drastic measures were needed to survive. After all the few chocolate bars that were stored on the plane were eaten, the survivors made a decision that they would eat the less fortunate who did not survive the crash. Cannibalism was their was their only option to stay alive since it was difficult finding any animals in the high altitude of the Andes mountains. 72 days later they were rescued and lived to see another day.

2. Plane to Bridge Hoax

A lot of images circulate the web but not all of them are real. This plane appears to crash into a bridge and a photo is taken at the perfect moment. So incase you’ve seen this photo online, just know it’s a hoax! Still a good photoshop either way.

1. Japan Airlines Flight 123

On August 12th, 1985, a huge disastrous catastrophe took place and was the deadliest aviation incident in Japan when a passenger flight crashed into Mt. Osutaka. Due to faulty, maintenance errors , the pilots lost control of the airplane. The plane was previously damaged during a tail strike from landing in a previous incident which damaged the rear pressure bulkhead. All the hydraulics ruptured in flight leaving the pilot without control. An massive 520 people were on board and no one survived this horrible incident.


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