Insider Secrets for Cheap Airfare, Hotels, and Rental Cars

Hi. Are you worried about paying too much for airfare, hotel, and car rentals? Do you spend a lot of time researching prices and availability on different sites to ensure you receive the cheapest price possible? Then, you are not alone. It seems that I spend way too much time looking for the best price available and I am always worried the price will drop after I make my purchase. Do you worry about hidden fees? It seems there are always new fees associated with the travel industries. Wouldn't it be nice to learn some simple tips and insider secrets to help understand how these industries work and how to circumvent unnecessary cost and effort?

I just finished reading three e-books by Henry Rustkirk outlining the Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights, Car Rentals, and Hotels. In these books, Henry first outlines some basic tips that frequent travelers likely are aware of, followed by the top scams associated with these industries, and then concluding with little known 'secrets' of these industries that few outsiders are usually aware of.

By the way, my name is Mike and I have worked for the past fifteen years in an industry where frequent travel is required. My wife and I also love to travel when we are not working, and it is more important to us to allow our vacation dollars to stretch as far as possible. Even though I have traveled extensively, I was not aware of a number of the secrets offered in these guides. For example, were you aware that you can book a rental car for as cheap as a dollar per day? Or, were you aware that hotels, airlines, and rental car agencies sometimes drop prices after you book their services, providing a perfect opportunity to negotiate a cheaper rate?

These guides provide a broad spectrum of useful information, such as:

1. The best days and times of day to fly to get the cheapest rates
2. How to get a room at a hotel, even when the 'No Vacancy' sign is lit
3. How and when you can use a travel agent to get the best deals
4. How to recognize and avoid paying 'junk fees' and unnecessary taxes when traveling
5. How to negotiate to get the cheapest services available

In addition to all of the above, Henry throws in several more travel guides for free, including a guide to airport security, a guide to taking digital photography, a guide to the best golf resorts, and a guide to 'party travel' for singles.

By using these guides, you will be able to more effectively and efficiently search for great deals on your airfare, car rental, and hotel stays. Also, you will avoid unnecessary fees and taxes and save time in the process.

If you would like to benefit from the "insider" information as my wife and I have, please click on the link below the video. We hope you get as much out of these guides as we have.


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