Investigators May Have Detected A Signal From Missing EgyptAir Flight

A ship searching for EgyptAir Flight 804 has detected a signal that could lead investigators to the missing plane.

The ping is “assumed to be from one of the data recorders,” the accident investigation committee said in a statement on Wednesday. 

A French naval ship picked up the signal while searching for the aircraft in the Mediterranean. 

The plane crashed during its trip from Paris to Cairo on May 19. Sixty-six people were on board. 

Investigators have said a terrorist attack is more likely to have caused the flight to go down than a technical failure, but no group has claimed responsibility. 

Investigators have found some human remains and wreckage in the area where the plane went down. Some reports claim the items recovered show evidence of an explosion, but Egyptian officials deny it. 

Black boxes are designed to ping for about 30 days, which means searchers have about two weeks left before they go silent.

The statement also said another ship will join the search “within a week.”

This video includes clips from Egyptian Ministry of Defense and CBS, and images from Getty Images. 

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