Just Aircraft SuperStol builder assist program, Big Sky Aircraft Builders, Helena Montana.

Just Aircraft SuperStol builder assist program, Big Sky Aviation, Helena Montana. http://www.sportaviationmagazine.com – At the Flying Magazine Aviation Expo in Palm Springs, California the week before, we sharpened our focus on women in aviation. We shot four new videos about women pilots and aviation participants and we continued that at Copperstate in Casa Grande, Arizona.

We didn’t fly in SuperSTOL as we had already done that at Sun ‘n Fun (video) with Just Aircraft designer, Troy Woodland. Instead we focused on this SuperSTOL because Hutch Hudgins was aided by wife Ann Summerton in building this example.

Their five month effort on six days a week moved to even longer hours every day of the week before they needed to head back to Montana. Every step of the way, this aircraft was a husband and wife project. Sharp readers may observe that this SuperSTOL is painted in the colors Rotax uses for their fuel-injected 912 iS.

A nurse by profession, Ann was no delicate flower guilted into helping her husband. With obvious pride, she threw herself into the project just like Hutch and the result is first a vastly greater familiarity with literally every part on the SuperSTOL but also a deep and genuine interest in the airplane.

Now the couple will host builders of SuperSTOL at a builder assist center they are creating where folks can come assemble their kit with supervision from Hutch and Ann (when she’s not helping other folks in her nursing role).

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