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Air Charter Team is a provider of private, corporate, and business airplane charter services throughout the world. Our team of professionals can provide you and your associates an aviation solution for any occasion. No matter what type of aircraft you or your organization requires, we deliver it with service that simply can't be beat!
Executive Jet Charter
Air Charter Team utilizes a global network of operators to deliver white glove service to our customers who are looking for private, corporate, and business jets to accommodate their desire for a flexible schedule. Our Executive Jet Charter service offers exceptional safety and security that you can count on. We understand the nature of VIP charter jets and have the experience to insure that our clients receive the world-class treatment they desire for any private or corporate business venture.

Emergency Medical Flight Services
Air Charter Team can provide a private jet that is designed and equipped with the proper technology and personnel to accommodate moving medically fragile passengers or medically sensitive cargo such as donated human organs. Learn more about our Emergency Air Charter Services.

Pre-paid Membership Program
Air Charter Team offers one of the most innovative pre-paid aircraft charter flight programs in the country. Precision Approach offers the private, corporate, or business aircraft charter client the ability to protect their investment, receive a significant discount on their services and the ability to enjoy the convenience of one phone call to reserve private jets.

Group and Incentive Charters
We are air charter brokers that specialize in providing aircraft charter services to clientele who need to move large groups of passengers and need an airliner to accomplish their goals. We have a set of proprietary web tools, CharterNavNet, that is designed for group or incentive charter professionals to assist in managing their air charter flight.

Athletic Charter Flights
Air Charter Team has extensive experience in facilitating the movement of large and small athletic groups on charter flights around the country. From specialized meals to accommodating large amounts of equipment and luggage, our private air charter service and staff make each trip a winner.

Air Charter Team
Inside USA - Toll Free: 800-205-6610
Outside USA: 816-283-3280
Fax: 816 283-3185

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