Keith Basterfield, Australia – UFOs An Anfractuous Phenomenon

Keith spoke at the UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated meeting at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club, NSW, Australia on the 2 July 2016.

The presentation is titled, UFOs - An Anfractuous Phenomenon explores the approaches governments have taken to research the UFO phenomenon, and includes the following sightings:

JAL Airline flight over Alaska
The unusual wave of sightings in New Zealand
Trans-en-Provence, France
2004 Mexican infra red sightings and the 1989 Belgium UFO wave

Keith discusses the approach taken by science and that of civilian UFO research groups.

UFO sightings mentioned are the 2006 O’Hare Chicago sighting, and the 2007 English Channel observation.

He talks about the approach taken by the Royal Australian Airforce (RAAF), and Australian civilian UFO research groups.

Some other mentioned include; the Kimba, SA multiple witness observation of a humanoid, the Zanthus, WA aircraft encounter, the Mundrabilla, WA car lifted by UFO case, and the 2014 Perth near miss between an aircraft and an unknown object.

Keith makes recommendations for future Australian UFO research.

About Keith Basterfield:

Keith has been involved in UFO research since 1968 while living in the UK. He continued this interest when he relocated to Australia. He was MUFON continental co-ordinator for Australia and New Zealand for a number of years until he stepped down in 1998.

He facilitated the national level Abduction Study Centre and is a member of the state level UFO Research South Australia. Over the years he has been an investigator for the US based APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organisation) and has worked on material for the J Allen Hynek Centre for UFO Studies in the US.

His research and findings have been widely published in prestigious journals and magazines. Keith is a featured speaker at UFO conferences and is sought after by the media for comment on Australian and international UFO events.

Trained in the Social Sciences, Keith has applied the rigours of the scientific methods to the UFO phenomenon. He published reports in a book in 1981 titled, Close Encounters of an Australian Kind, and a revised version appeared in 1997 titled, UFOs: A report on Australian Encounters.

Keith initiated Project Newsprint, an Australia wide data base of UFO sighting and close encounter reports. He has a regular blog in which he reports his findings.


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