King Air Aircraft Charter for Business Charter or Holiday Tours

Operating Melbourne charter flights out of Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne, Kirkhope Aviation offers private charted air tours throughout Australia in the comfort of a superbly maintained twin engine aircraft that allow travelers to select their own flight schedules to travel when they want.

From one day golf trips to spectacular golf courses in Tasmania and Bass Straight, transfers to the Hotham ski fields or weekends at luxury bush safari resorts in the Gawler Ranges, Kirkhope Aviation offers a range of pre packaged travel tours or can even tailor trips to suits travelers interests.

This video features our Beechcraft Model 200 Super KingAir (VH-ZOK), a twin-engined turboprop for corporate travel and utility aircraft with retractable landing gear and pressurized cabin. This is not quite as fast as a jet but is more versatile. It has been the Royal Flying Doctors preferred aircraft type throughout Australia for decades. It travels fast yet can land on all types of airstrips. It is in corporate club seating with rear loading stairs and an emergency toilet.
Carrying Capacity : 10 passengers Maximum. Cruise Speed : 530 Km/hr.


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