Las Vegas is America’s Number One Air Charter Travel Destination

Almost everyone who charters a luxury private jet will sooner or later choose Las Vegas, Nevada as their air charter travel destination.

Las Vegas boasts more fun for singles and families than any other air charter travel destination in the United States. Singles and couples will of course love the nightlife that Vegas has to offer. Families will love the multitude of family friendly hotels, water parks, entertainment shows, and of course Circus Circus casino which caters to both children and adults of all ages.

Since the early 1980s, Las Vegas has been working hard to change its image as just the glitzy, gambling, city of sin. They have completely revamped many casinos in order to make their city a more family friendly air charter travel destination. Well the good news is that it worked, now entire families can travel to Vegas to have the time of their lives. Parents no longer have to worry about their children being bored to death while they are off gambling because entire sections of casinos are now devoted to children and kids entertainment. Far from the Vegas I knew as a child I can tell you that. I remember all the adults looking down their noses at me as they sat gambling and I was merely attempting to get to the minute arcade at the other end of the casino. Now entire floors are designated to child's play, almost wish I was a kid again.

Single folks and couples can enjoy the wonderful nightlife that Vegas is famous for. Fascinating shows and deluxe culinary experiences are only the beginning when you choose Vegas as your air charter travel destination. Some of the biggest boxing matches in history have been showcased in Vegas, and the betting on sporting events is a huge attraction to those who like to gamble without pushing a button. Not far from the Las Vegas Strip you will find some of the most lush golf courses in the United States, making Vegas a wonderful air charter travel destination for the avid golfer. Spas and resorts abound in Vegas, along with all the normal casinos and wedding chapels that Vegas is most well known for.

So whether you plan to make Vegas your air charter travel destination for just you, you and a companion or two, or for your entire family, you are sure to find all the entertainment you could desire in America's number one hot spot for air charter travel.

Source by James Lee Bishop

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