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Travel tips for Rio de Janeiro Brazil: Lazy Sunday on Copacabana Beach


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Copacabana beach is a great place in Rio to spend a lazy Sunday. Sun, sea, good fun and a beautiful landscape are all on the menu for a relaxing day.

You can recognize Copacabana by its signature sidewalk pavement that resembles the waves of the sea and was designed by Roberto Burtle Max, a famous Brazilian architect.

On Sunday the Avenida Atlantica on Copacabana beach closes from 7 am until 6 pm for cars Which means pedestrians are free to enjoy this 4 kilometer playground and walk, jog, bike, skate, rent a surrey bike to cruise along the beach or entertain themselves with street acts and some shopping.

On the beach you can racket ball, SUP paddling, swimming or volley until night. If you simply want to relax taking a selfie with the poet Carlos Drumond Andrade statue is a must. It’s the second most visited monument in the city after the Christ statue

On Copacabana beach you’ll always find cool street acts for your entertainment. For only 3 reals this guy let’s you ride this bike and win 50 if you succeed. It might look easy but it’s not. This guy got lucky and won the big prize as everybody was cheering his victory.

Everyday you can buy your souvenirs along Copacabana beach whether you’re looking for Havaianas, beach towels, magnets, bikinis, art or t-shirts with fun portuguese slogans

After a long but fun day at Copacabana beach make sure you cool down using these mists which you’ll find along the beach. Or go fishing with locals at the Caminho dos Pescadores which is in Leme to be exact but right along Copacabana beach.

This part is an excellent spot to admire the sunset and enjoy a refreshing caipirinha. Saude!

Sábado em Copacabana - Maria Bethânia


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