LEGO Custom Car Airplane MOC, Flight Mode/Car Mode Fold-able Wings, Slide Out Tail

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Hello my son and I built a lego flying car moc.

There is car/drive mode and flight mode. To put the lego car moc in flight mode the tail slides out and rudder can be folder out. The wing also is turned and unfolded. When done with the lego plane moc/flight mode the process is reversed to put the car back in drive mode. Thanks so much for watching and please like and subscribe.

Chris and Andrew

Caption Transcript1
00:00:04,930 00:00:10,660
We're back with another custom Lego moc build

00:00:10,660 00:00:14,389
My son and I built a Lego car that can turn into a Lego plane

00:00:14,389 00:00:16,480
I will show you how the Lego Car Plan works

00:00:16,480 00:00:20,510
To turn it from Lego car to Lego plane we pull the planes tail out

00:00:20,510 00:00:25,010
The plane tail just slides out

00:00:25,010 00:00:30,390
Now we will turn the Lego planes rudders

00:00:30,390 00:00:36,320
The Lego Plane rudders turn

00:00:36,320 00:00:40,010
To get the Lego Plans wings in place we will slide them

00:00:40,010 00:00:44,960
First we move the Lego cars roof/wings

00:00:44,960 00:00:47,180
The we can extend the Lego planes wings on both sides

00:00:47,180 00:00:51,850
The plane wings just open up

00:00:51,850 00:00:55,640
There is also access to the Lego plane cars cab

00:00:55,640 00:01:00,950
The plane cars doors lift up

00:01:00,950 00:01:06,030
The plane cars doors shut

00:01:06,030 00:01:11,560
To turn the Lego plane back into a Lego car the wings shut

00:01:11,560 00:01:15,900
Then we look the Lego car roof back into place

00:01:15,900 00:01:21,530
Now we will push the Lego plane tail back in

00:01:21,530 00:01:29,299
Check out our channel for other Lego moc builds

00:01:29,299 00:01:29,799
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