Let’s make a Mousetrap Powered Car #2

This is my version of an excellent mousetrap car I watched on YouTube sometime ago. Here is a link to the original version by 1donagin https://youtu.be/XZ23q0QXPx0
The build details for it are here https://youtu.be/aCCsSHUDC8w

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It took me a while to find some LPs in a charity shop at a price I was willing to pay.

2 LPs
1 Mousetrap
Scrap wood block to mount mousetrap
6 discs cut from scrap plywood
Wooden dowel to fit hole in LP
Ballpen tube wide enough to be loose fit over axle
Short length of strong fishing line

Hot Glue gun
Hobby saw
Hobby knife
Drill and small drill bit
I used a hole cutter to cut the plywood discs

Other peoples videos show these going 100 or even 200 feet. I can only test to the length of my kitchen so I have made no effort to fine tune the design. This was probably the easiest car I have made, the hardest part was finding LPs at a price I was willing to pay as I only wanted them for scrap value. I paid 50p each for them in the end. The square section wooden dowel was 49p and a bit of sandpapering rubbed down the edges for a tight fit in the LP hole. It goes against my principles to buy parts for my projects as I try to use all scrap items but I really wanted to try this design so I made an exception.

I have been asked the same question several times in the comments. If the mousetrap spins round instead of the wheels turning you need more weight on the body. My mousetrap is attached to a fairly heavy lump of wood and that holds it down and stops it spinning.

Here is a gravity powered car built using the same basic structure https://youtu.be/m8-pdC-4AX0

Due for publication on Feb 15, 2016 Here is a rubber band powered car built using the same basic structure https://youtu.be/HLn8EZ30CUg

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