Lisa Akoya amphibious two seat aircraft from Lisa Airplanes. – Dan Johnson talks to Vanessa Troillard of Lisa Airplanes about the Lisa Airplanes’ two-seat amphibian aircraft which can take off and land on multiple types of surfaces (like MVP, which calls itself a “triphibian”).

Lisa test pilots report “outstanding flight performance, combining long distances and exceptional comfort.” Spokespersons elaborated, “From the cockpit up to the edge of the wings, and through the Seafoils, a number of technical innovations offer elegance, operating convenience and exceptional aerodynamic performance: top speed of 156 mph, range of 1,250 miles, fuel consumption of 42 mph, and Akoya takes off and lands in as little as 650 feet.”

Thanks to folding wings (photo & video), Akoya can be stored in a garage or aboard your yacht. With its stratospheric price tag of $395,000, Lisa will have to market to well-heeled customers.

Lisa developers also boast of Akoya’s 180-degree panoramic view through its tinted bubble canopy and a cockpit specially designed to combine both aesthetics and maximum comfort. Engineered to meet the LSA regulation, Lisa said Akoya is positioned between [European] ultralight aircraft and standard category certified aircraft.

They said that while the LSA concept is still not widely known in Europe, “this new U.S. standard is becoming international” and they intend to prove compliance of Akoya to ASTM industry consensus standards. Lisa assures that a Sport Pilot certificate will suffice in the USA while Europeans can obtain a Light Aircraft Pilot License after a 20 to 30-hour training session varying slightly to meet each country’s regulation.

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