Lost Nuke: The Last Flight of Bomber 075 book trailer

New from Heritage House Publishing.
It is no secret that the Cold War was synonymous with covert military operations. Few people know, for example, that massive US Air Force B-36 intercontinental bombers—referred to as "Peacemakers"—regularly flew mock bombing exercises over major US cities, including San Francisco. It was on one of these training runs that tragedy struck B-36 Bomber 075 . . .
Only after years of silence did the United States finally admit to losing a nuclear bomb; the incident was the first ever "Broken Arrow," as accidents involving nuclear weapons have come to be known. But was the bomb dropped and exploded over the Inside Passage or was it blown up at the aircraft's resting place in the mountains?

This Cold War-era tale borders on fantasy as Dirk Septer follows the last flight of Bomber 075 and attempts to unravel the real story behind more than 50 years of secrecy, misdirection and misinformation.

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