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This is the video of Lufthansa Airline Book Flight With Brightsun Travels - Top 10 International Airline, Lufthansa is the flag carrier for Germany. Lufthansa was formed in 1919 from a merger of "Deutsche Aero Lloyd" (DAL) and "Junkers Luftverkehr". The airline started scheduled flights with a fleet of 162 aircraft. The company then started scheduled airmail service across the South Atlantic. Between 1936 and 1938, it also experiments with scheduled air services across the North Atlantic. After going through some trying times, Lufthansa enters the jet age, initially on long-haul routes, flying Boeing aircraft.

Lufthansa is a forward thinking carrier. They were a charter member of the Star Alliance with Air Canada, SAS, Thai Airways and United Airlines -- the world's first multilateral airline grouping, later to be joined by other carriers. The Star Alliance is the first carrier super group, code sharers that link networks in order to preserve customer share and loyalty. A recent change by Lufthansa is the updated business class option offered by the airline. Lufthansa has completely revamped its Business Class, and in future passengers will be able to use "FlyNet", which provides broadband Internet access.

Upon entering the Lufthansa site, the first thing you'll notice is that it offers English and German versions. If you select one of these, then the second thing you'll probably notice is that it loads up slowly. If you are patient or have a fast modem, then you'll also see that this site is beautifully designed, informative, and interactive.
The Lufthansa site has lots of great features. First, there are tailor-made versions for 16 different countries in Europe, America, and Asia! Each one is beautifully designed--not a dog in the bunch. (A hint: instead of selecting the English version, go directly to the USA version. It's lower in graphics and loads up much faster!) You can find out all about Luthansa, plan your travels, and get frequent flier information.

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