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MOGADISHU, SOMALIA — Two passengers were injured after a gaping hole appeared in the fuselage of a Daallo Airlines aircraft just minutes after the plane took off from Mogadishu on Tuesday, an airline representative said to Reuters.

Daallo Airlines Flight D3159 was carrying 74 passengers when it departed from Mogadishu bound for Djibouti on Tuesday, reported the Mirror. Just five minutes after take off, passengers heard a loud bang and a hole appeared in the fuselage near the right wing.

Two passengers were hurt, Mohamed Hussein, an agent for Daallo Airlines and the operator of the flight told Reuters. Local residents of Balad reported that they saw a charred body falling to the ground from an unidentified aircraft, reported The Aviation Herald.

Footage uploaded to Facebook by Amb Awale Kullane, the deputy permanent representative of Somalia to the United Nations, shows passengers wearing oxygen masks and sitting calmly as the plane continues its flight, all while strong winds blow through the hole in the aircraft. Passengers appeared to have been moved to the front and back of the plane away from the hole.

The aircraft landed safely back in Mogadishu 20 minutes after departure, reported The Aviation Herald. It is unclear what caused the damage, Somali government officials said.

Somali security forces are investigating the cause of the incident.


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