Marine Travel – Discount Marine Travel Fares from Ticket or call +34-971676767 for discount Marine Travel Tickets that also have additional privileges.
Ticket Travel Agency based in Mallorca, Spain have become global leaders in the service of the yachting and marine industries. We deliver global marine travel services to the global marine industry - working with both companies and individuals.

These heavily discounted flight tickets have been specially negotiated with the airline industry to meet the unique needs of the marine industry where the nature of the work involves individuals having to fly to different destinations globally, or indeed have to make changes for last minute changes for their return flights.

People who work in the yachting industry, commercial shipping, passenger cruise liners and offshore workers are all entitled to these special airline tickets. indeed, even shore based workers may be entitled to these special fares and privileges.

For details or to discuss your requirements, contact Ticket Travel Agency through their website at or call them on +34-971676767.

Only a handful of travel agencies around the world have been granted the licence to offer these special tickets - hence the reason why many other agencies may not know the details for flight tickets, or worse, give misinformation!!

To avoid an issues at the airport, ensure you are aware of the requirements in order to fly on a marine ticket. Check the website at for more details, and discuss your details with the team at Ticket. You can contact them by email, or by phone on +34=971-676767.

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