Marta Simoncini and Paola Lanzi – Accidents and Liabilities (First ALIAS Conference)

Let's imagine that a remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) is flying in civil airspace.
Let's imagine that it collides with a civil aircraft in the airspace. Let's also imagine that the investigation shows that the remote pilot has followed the instructions given by the RPAS Detect&Avoid system, as he is expected to do. The Detect&Avoid system is the automatic on-board tool that detects conflicts and provides the remote pilot with instructions for separation.
Is the remote pilot to be held liable for causing the accident?
How to integrate liability aspects in the design of new technologies and/or operational concepts?
Giuseppe Contissa (EUI), Marta Simoncini (EUI) and Paola Lanzi (Deep Blue) propose the scenario-based methodology. The application of such methodology allows to generate potential but likely occurrences of accidents and to analyse them from a legal viewpoint. The purpose of these scenarios is to allow the proactive identification of the liability issues that may be associated to the new automated systems.


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