Meet Dr. Brian Morris, CEO of DoctorDirect

5 years ago I took a critical look at the Canadian Medical System as well as my private practice. I came to the conclusion that in spite of the fact that we have excellent and dedicated doctors, there appeared to be a widespread problem of access to medical care. Many patients were without a family physician. Others waited long periods to see a specialist forcing them to seek help via the emergence department at a local hospital.

In my own office I realized that my secretary spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone booking appointments and confirming the appointments for the next day. I also realized that if an appointment was cancelled at the last minute, I had no way of filling the space with another patient without having my secretary call a number of patients.

I set about to address these problems by developing a web-based appointment system for physicians. Given the fact that one can book an airline ticket, a hotel and a restaurant, I saw no reason why a patient could not book an appointment with a doctor in the same manner. My sole goal in developing DoctorDirect was to improve access to medical care, which became our motto. Not only can patients book an appointment with their physician, they can also find a doctor who is taking on new patients in a timely manner. New physicians can begin registering patients even before their graduation. We are currently looking to broadening our horizons by offering this service to nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists as well as other para medical professions.

Brian Morris M.D., CEO DoctorDirect


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