Midway Aircraft Carrier – See on Yacht Charter

http://sandiegoboattours.com/ The USS Midway aircraft carrier is now a museum located on San Diego waterfront. Tens of thousands visit each year this fascinating boat with its dozens of exhibits and aircraft on board - a great tourist destination for all ages.

Commissioned in 1942 it has seem a huge range of deployments in in its 47 years of active service – anything from Vietnam to the Persian gulf war. It was officially decommissioned in 1992 after a long life of service.

Some interesting vessel stats are;

• Length: 972 ft.
• Width: 136 ft.
• Draft: 34.5 ft.
• Speed: 33 knots
• Weight 64,000 tons

Since it is no longer in service we can get within a few feet of it when on yacht charters around San Diego Bay. You would never get that close to an active aircraft carrier without being shot at - many times!

Do plan to see the Midway when in town and come out with San Diego Boat Tours on a charter of the bay.


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