Mini-Airshow! F-16 Falcon, A-10 Warthog, Cesssna 182, R/C Flights

A day of flying on New Years eve, where four different models from gets flown. The weather wasn’t great, wind high, and sunlight fading; however, it ended up being a great day of flying.

Below are the descriptions of each model shown, including flight description.

All of the flying was done by myself, except the Guanli A-10, which was my brothers first EDF model. All of these models are capable of flying exceptional and being an exceptional value, despite what “experts” say. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

-Completely stock RTF kit from NitroPlanes. This was the first flight and winds were pretty high, so it was hard trying to trim the aircraft. Overall quality is pretty good. Foam is a really nice EPO-style material. The linkages were a bit tricky to adjust, and to properly do so, probably isn’t something a beginnner can do. It takes experience to properly setup an aircraft and an experienced pilot to make sure it flies correctly! The 72Mhz FM system had no glitching, and the outrunner had smooth power delivery. Flight times are about just over 10 minutes on a 10c 3s 1250mah LiPo because of an efficient 18A ESC.

Only changes to this stock RTF kit is a 20c 2200mah 3s LiPo. The 25A esc/brushless outrunner EDF unit draws a lot of amperage, and the claimed “20c” rating from the stock 1300mah LiPo didn’t last more than a dozen three-minute flights. It’s also running a 2.4Ghz Exceed radio system so I can program the control surfaces and stay in constant contact. As seen in the video, it’s a fun and fast little plane. Aerobatics can be done, but take up a lot of space to do so.

Flown completely stock in this video, the 25A ESC & 1050kv outrunner manage to last over 8 minutes because of half-throttle flights on a huge 11×4.7 prop & light 500 gram weight. Factory 72Mhz system works great, but some may like programmability for an aerobatic model. The included prop-saver is crap, as the plane relies on a large prop and high torque for flight. This was ditched for a more conventional prop setup. The plane comes with the linkages being able to only fit on the max throw settings, and too short for less sensitivity. A local hobby shop run is necessary to get new servo wire and bend your own custom links. As flown here, this little model is extremely aerobatic. The only thing missing is a pilot who can keep up with it!

Yes, this is BRUSHED. Yes, it does fly with brushed 370 motors! The only thing not stock in this footage is a 1250mah 3s LiPo. The 9.6v 650mah battery lasts all of about 90 seconds because the 25A ESC sucks the power to feed these EDF units. The ESC is capable of taking the additional load, however there is no BEC or safety cut, so overdraining the LiPo is of concern. Despite other modeler claims of the additional 1.5v giving more power, the impellers vibrate too much to take advantage of this “extra” power. Onto the video, this RTF kit was purchased as an introduction into EDF models…. turbine stall and the generally high wing loading associated with the design of jets. The ficticious argument, “there’s not enough power on this model for a beginner” stands alone, as basic EDF concepts need learned at lower speeds before advancement. Also at $69, you have to be realistic with expectations: “Cheap enough to replace if it crashes to the ground, and probably not extreme quality.” Well, the airframe is pretty breathtaking for the pricepoint. And even getting a 72mhz FM system in a sub-$70 model is spectacular. As shown in the video, the pilot was having issues getting used to keeping the speed up to prevent turbine stall, but generally came around to it. After adapting to the higher stall speeds, the airframe will easily support a brushless upgrade in the future. No buddy boxing was done intentionally, as the pilot had flight experience and so the factory radio system could be tested.

So am I saying any of these planes can be flown by a beginner? No, they probably can’t! Sadly the prices of NitroPlanes make it seem very lucrative for the inexperienced to purchase one of these models. Any beginner wouldn’t be able to readily handle an aileron aircraft, let alone even be able to properly set it up and have a successful chance at flight.

What I’m saying is, any person who takes the time, education, and has the ability to fly, will benefit from the cheap fun and capability from these models.


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