Mitsubishi MRJ, First Test Flight of FTA-2

The MRJ 2nd flight test aircraft (FTA-2) join the flight test program.
The first flight of FTA-2 has been successfully completed by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation(MITAC).

Aircraft: Flight Test Aircraft No.2(FTA-2), MSN(Manufacturing Serial Number): 10002
Provisional Registration: JA22MJ

Date: May 31, 2016
Flight Time: 134 minutes (10:04-12:18) Japan standard time
Place: Nagoya Airfield - Japan, over Pacific Ocean and surrounding Nagoya

Last Mitsubishi passenger planes MC-20 were built in 1940-1944. MRJ has been returning to fly beyond 75 years setback. The first Mitsubishi developed passenger plane MC-1 was built in 1928. The start of Mitsubishi's airplane business was 1916 by an airplane engine production at Kobe Ship Yard. Mitsubishi Aircraft will be back to a commercial plane market again with one century heritage.

The MRJ is a family of 70- to 90-seat next-generation regional jets under development by Mitsubishi Aircraft. The MRJ will offer substantially higher fuel efficiency combined with reductions in noise and emissions, and also provide spacious cabin comfort on a level unprecedented in regional jets to date.
Orders have already been received for 407 aircraft of the MRJ (223 firm) as of June 15, 2016


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